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Review Of The Poulan Pro PR827ES 27-Inch 205cc Briggs & Stratton 800 Series Gas Powered Two-Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start 961920043

Poulan Pro PR827ES

This snow blower is not only powerful but it is reliable as well. It's powered by a 205-cc Briggs and Stratton OHV engine that's perfect for colder climates that you find up north or in the midwest.  

The great thing about the Poulan Pro PR827ES is that you can start it one of two ways. You can use the electric start or the traditional recoil start. The electric start uses a power cord connected to a standard 120-volt outlet. The cord is included. Once the cord is plugged in, push the electric start button on top of the engine. The engine will start right up with no priming needed. 

This is a big machine, weighing almost 300 pounds. But don't worry, with the deep-tread 16-inch tires you will have no problem maneuvering this snow blower around in the snow. There is a drive speed lever that controls the direction and speed of the machine. You can move forwards or backwards with one simple motion. 

Since this is a two stage snow thrower it has the ability to clear snow very effectively. It has a 27-inch x 23-inch (W x H) intake which means it can clear quite a bit of snow very quickly. It also has an auger with an additional impeller that gives it even more effectiveness when it comes to removing snow. The adjustable skid plate allows you to change the height of the scraper bar so the machine can be used on various surfaces such as dirt and concrete. 

This is a nice machine that works great. Its easy and comfortable to use. The biggest problem you might have is finding somewhere to store it once the winter season is over - as I mentioned, it's a big machine!