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Commercial Snow Blowers


Whether you are a professional landscaper or just an average Joe with a HUGE driveway to clear, a run-of-the-mill residential snow blower just won't cut it for that heavy duty work.

That's where the big boys come in - commercial snow blowers. These are the snow blowers that can handle the heavy lifting easily and can take the punishment. These snow blowers are more expensive than their residential brothers (sisters?), but you'll see that they are worth it. 

This site is all about those pieces of equipment. I will post reviews of some of the more popular ones, and provide as much additional info as I can. I encourage you share your experiences and provide feedback.

Our latest review is on the Husqvarna 1827SB 27-Inch 414cc OHV Gas Powered Two-Stage Snow Thrower With Variable Speed, Remote Chute Rotation & Electric Start.

Husqvarna 1827SB 27-Inch 414cc


The snowy winter weather is no match for the Husqvarna 1827SB. This very powerful, two stage snow blower is perfect for those big jobs. It will cut through the wet heavy snow without any problems at all.

The the 1827SB owes its amazing performance abilities to the Husqvarna L-Head engine. This engine prevents ice from building up and causing the machine to shutdown. It gives it the power it needs to clear a 27-inch path quickly and easily. And thanks to an electric start option, this baby will start right up even in the most frigid temperatures. All you have to do is plug the machine into an outlet, press the start button and you are good to go.

As we all know, two stage technology is the best. With the two stage system snow is fed into the housing by an auger. Once there it is discharged through the chute via the impeller. And for your convenience, the levers on the control panel can be used to adjust the direction the snow is thrown. The chute can rotate 180 degrees so you have a lot of options. As a result you will see a clear path that allows you and your family to safely move around.

The X-trac heavy-duty tires make this machine stable and easy to control. The joystick on the machine can easily handle any changing conditions you might encounter. Overall this is one awesome snow thrower. It only takes a few minutes to assemble and you will be clearing snow from your driveway in no time at all. The only big complaint is the fact that you have to manually adjust the skid pads which can be sort of a hassle.

That's our latest review - hope it helps! More to come. In the meantime, you can read past reviews on our Reviews Page. Also, feel share your thoughts on this or any commercial snow blower you've used. Use the Contact Us page.